Adventure Resource Solutions

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Welcome to our website!

We are currently updating our mission and vision statement.
Our organization is about creating a customize platform for our clients to do the the following:

  • Focus on the person as a whole
  • Available for Support, Education and Navigation
  • Setting goals and self directed to solutions
  • Guide to self-help, awareness, personal-inner self
  • Help to engage with supports within our community
  • Supportive conversations with our clients, client supports, and businesses
  • Apply for public assistance and services
  • Creating awareness on available topics and resources
  • Researching community information and resources
  • Collect information and data to better provide services/navigation

What We Do?


We can notarize your legal documents and we may have witnesses available. 

  If you want more information about our Notary please click here.

Navigation Hotline

We offer a direct line to our clients and their supports for any urgent matters. 
  If you want more information about our Navigation Hotline please click here.

One On One Navigation

We have a team of navigators to be available to be of support, education and navigation.   
  If you want more information about our One On One Navigation please click here.