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Helping you navigate what's important to you. 

We offer services to at risk individuals and providing coaching for independent living and life skills. 

 What does Adventure Resource Solutions mean to you?  Think about it. 


About Us? 

We are here to take the time to meet with our clients to offer guidance, coaching, and education through the process of healing or towards next steps.

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What Services We Offer? 

Our services are for anyone who might be interested in learning more about life and independent skills. 


Navigation Hotline

We are available by phone. 

One On One Navigation

We are available to meet our clients at any local library. 

Community Navigation

We provide information to community resources and offer guidance. 

Joshua Bangle

President - Adventure Resource Solutions

Provider for DDD and Foster Care

I have created this organization as a way to connect and help people in any way I can in which I’m going to set a great example and be a role model. I want to be the face of this organization. It’s a great way to connect with our community with a personalized presence. I hope to connect with people who have overcome what I had to and who can support my mission of what leads to the future of tomorrow. 


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