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About My Background

      I was born in Phoenix, Arizona. I was raised in Buckeye, Avondale, Sun City, Phoenix and Mesa area. I'm someone that love's taking adventures and making every moment count. I love to have fun and make things super entertaining. As I was growing up, I have learned different ways of learning. I love doing things on my own and being able to figure it out. I may not have anyone to be there to walk me through the steps but somehow I always end up figuring it out sooner or later.

About My Family Background

      My parents were never married and unfortunately my father is not involved in my life. It has caused high levels of stress and complications throughout my life that I have had to deal with.  I am a strong individual with many future goals.  Having never met my biological dad I have realized how vital it is to have support in your life whether it comes from a friend, family member, or a helpful stranger.  

      My mother is an amazing woman. She has protected and guided me through many of life's adventures.  I am appreciative to her because without the life lessons I learned along the way I wouldn't have the opportunity to pursue my passion of helping people.

      I have one brother which he is in the Air Force and he is the oldest. He has always lived back home in NC, where my mother's side of the family are mainly from. There isn't much I can say about him because I hardly know him.

      I have one sister which she is the youngest out of the family. We also love hanging out when we have time. It's amazing and fun. We are glad to take the time to hang out and be ourselves.

      My uncle will do everything that he can to be there for me. He's limited to what he can do due to our distance from each other but he stills tries to what he can.

Other than that, I have no other family besides what I have already mentioned.


About My People

      I care about people and I will do everything that I can to be there and support those that require it. I love being able to take the time to listen and understand someone. It's part of life and this world that we have.

About My Outlook

      I am active, adventurous, caring, respectful, truthful, honest and much more as you get to know me. I understand different outlooks on being able to go through life. I want to share that with you in anyway possible.

And More...

  • I will treat others on how I want to be treated. 
  • I will work on myself before helping anyone else.