Adventure Resource Solutions

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  Our virtual telephone
  (623) 866-5733
  Our virtual fax telephone
  (623) 258-4714
  Our virtual mailing
  PO Box 5023 Mesa, AZ 85211
  Our virutal office hours
  Monday through Friday between 10am until 6pm (Arizona Time)

Communication with Terms and Conditions

* Calls
We take calls during office hours through our virtual line and anytime through our navigation hotline for any urgent matters. Calls may be recorded at anytime information purposes.
* Voicemails
Our voicemail is often checked and we will respond as soon as possible or next available opportunity. Any voicemails left on our Navigation Hotline will take importance and we will call back as soon as possible. As soon as messages are left, notifications are sent to our on call navigator on their personal work phone.
* Text messages
Any and all text messages will be only for the purpose of exchanging resources and information. No conversation will be allowed unless calling is not available.

* Fax Messages

Faxes will occur as needed if requested and use of exchanging documents.

* Emails
Emails be another form of communication. Exchanging conversations in writing and any documents as needed.

** All communication is strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone for any reason. ** 

Hotline/Helpline Centers

If you're needing further assistance, here's some additional information and point of contacts to reach out to.

  Crisis Response Network aka Maricopa County Crisis Hotline
  Local: (602) 222-9444 & Toll Free: (800) 631-1314
  Child Protective Services
  Local: (602) 255-2500 & Toll Free: (888) 767-2445
  Adult Protective Services
  Local: (602) 542-0010 & Toll Free: (877) 767-2385
  Warm Line
  Local: (602) 347-1100 & click here for more information
  Arizona 211 Community Information and Refferal
  Local: 211 & Toll Free: (877) 211-8661

We are happy to help and educate if you are needing further assistance on reaching out to these following organizations.