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Enrollment Process

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Step by Step Process:

Step 1:

  --> If you know someone who you would like to refer to us, please submit a new client referral.
  --> If you’re someone who’s seeking assistance and services from us, please submit a new client request.
Please Note:  We only accept clients from a current client or a partner from our community navigation. 

Step 2:

A welcome email will be sent out providing a questionnaire that will need to be completed to proceed with next steps. The questionnaire is to create an overall idea what type of assistance you may benefit from.

Step 3:

Once questionnaire is completed and submitted, an email and a phone call will be made to follow up on next steps to enroll into services and/or refer to community resource(s) who’s able to assist.

Enrollment Process:

During the enrollment process, we will schedule up to 4 visits to meet with one of our navigators to complete our intake and establish a working relationship with our clients. Each appointment will be scheduled a local library, up to 1 or 2 hours per visit.

In the event we enroll anyone into our program to receive services from us, an enrollment packet will be completed to understand what goals, what supports are in place, what type of coping skills, and understanding sense of self-discovery and reflection.

After said and said, you will receive a welcome letter and a folder with helpful information, a pen/pencil, a notebook, and a journal for your use of our interactions with you. If you ever wish for extra supplies, please our navigation team know, and we will be happy to provide supplies at your request.

We will offer healthy and productive interactions to support you. We will be available to meet with you once or twice a week up to 1 or 2 hours per appointment to once a month up to a year of the program. Home visits may be required at random or scheduled by appointment for the safety and wellbeing of our clients.

Scheduling Appointments:

For scheduling, rescheduling, or canceling appointments/sessions, you may call our office during office hours which are Monday through Friday between 9am to 7pm (Arizona Time) at (623) 866-5733 or you may visit our website our Online Scheduling and Calendar.

At your appointments, please make sure to avoid use of your cell phone and any use if not urgent may result to ending the appointment.

If you’re wanting to cancel or reschedule any appointments, we require a 1 business day advance notice.

You may receive text messages, emails, and phone calls as reminders of your scheduled appointments. 

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